1. What areas of Melbourne do you service?
We provide glass cutting and glass glazing services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and including the Mornington Penninsula.

2. I have just broken a window, what should I do?
Firstly assess the damage, and where possible, remove any dangerous shards of glass. Next contact Expert Glass who will organise a window replacement  as soon as possible. Our qualified glaziers will be out to expertly replace your glass with an appropriate new pane of glass.

3. Can I get a frameless shower screen in my home on the same day?
Our frameless shower screens need to be customised to your particular needs and ordering in advance is essential. Contact us for specific time frames. Once the frameless shower screen has been manufactured, installing it is done quickly.

4. Are the frameless shower screens safe to use?

Our frameless shower screens are very safe as only quality safety glass is uesd

5. Are glass splash backs difficult to install?

One of the reasons that glass splashbacks are so popular is their ease of installation. Whereas a tiler would take hours or days to tile around a stovetop or sink area, the kitchen and bathroom glass splash backs are installed within an hour or less. There is no fuss, just adhesive to hold it in place.

6. Why are Glass splash backs more hygienic than tiles in the kitchen?

Kitchen Glass splashbacks are generally more hygienic than tiles because the uniformly flat surface doesn’t allow food particles to get lodged, as can be the case with tiled surfaces.

7. Do you do commercial glazing?

Yes. We do a lot of commercial glazing, both for new fit outs as well as for replacement glazing. We can do work for office partitions, shop windows, display cabinets, glass splashbacks and even our decorative panels on commercial premises. We work closely with property developers and builders on many commercial projects and our work is of the highest standard.