Shower Screens – Frameless and Semi Frameless

Shower Screens Melbourne

Expert Glass is the quality choice for custom made Shower Screens and Bath Panels.

All Expert Glass Shower Screens and Bath Panels utilise quality components and assured manufacturing, to deliver fit for purpose products. With multiple configurations and layouts possible, our purpose built products provide maximum functionality.

Our product range is as follows:

Frameless Shower Screens & Bath Panels

The Frameless shower screen transforms any ordinary bathroom to a truly luxurious one. Frameless shower screens are an increasingly popular choice. Frameless shower screens are custom made and installed onsite. Choose from a great range of hinged doors in a choice of gold or satin fittings. The completed effect is very aesthetically pleasing.

Our Frameless Products feature frameless glass panels with polished safety edges and frameless, self aligning, hinged doors with both standard and optional handle designs.

The custom built nature of each Elegance Series Frameless Shower Screen enables the easy accommodation of shaped panels 10mm thick Category A Toughened Safety Glass is used for durability and you can choose from clear or opaque– plain or decorative glass.

Semi Framed

Expert Glass Semi Framed Shower Screens & Bath Panels provide a functional solution to your bathroom requirements. Our Semi Framed Shower Screens feature frameless, self closing hinged doors, complimented by exposed edge fixed panels where required making them both aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable.

Our Semi Framed Shower Screens & Bath Panels have a stylish, small perimeter and are manufactured with minimal clearance tolerances around doors to significantly reduce water splash, with options of clear, tinted, frosted or patterned 6mm thick Category A Toughened Safety Glass.


Expert Glass Framed Shower Screens & Bath Panels provide a cost effective and stylish solution to your bathroom requirements. All of our Framed Shower Screens feature magnetically sealed, positive close, pivot doors and easy to use handles.