Pet Doors Melbourne

Expert Glass supplies and installs clear pet doors into glass panels. Transcat pet doors are high quality clear plastic pet doors designed specifically to be used for installations into glass panels. To view the Transcat website click here

For the safety and security of both the pet and the householders  Expert Glass will only install pet doors into toughened glass panels. As such, the hole required for the installation pet doors needs to be cut into the glass prior to the glass going through the toughening process. This means that glass that is already toughened cannot have the pet door hole cut into it and will need to be replaced.

How to obtain a quote

To obtain a quote for a pet door installation, please contact us with the following information.

Height and width of the glass panel. These dimensions do not need to be exact as once the order is proceeding, a tradesperson will attend to do an exact site measurement, however the more accurate the indicated measurements are, the more accurate your indicative quote will be.

Clear, Tinted or Patterned Glass. Please indicate whether the glass panel that the pet door will be installed into is clear, tinted or patterned glass.
Frame Medium. The style of frame around the existing glass panel, the most common choices being aluminium with a rubber seal, wood with a putty seal, wood with a timber bead or steel with a putty seal.

Pet Size. The size of the pet will determine which pet door is required.

Ordering the Pet Door & Toughened Glass Panel

When you wish to proceed with your order for your pet door installation, simply us and we will collect a deposit so that the job may proceed and arrange a suitable time that is convenient with yourself for a glazier to complete an exact site measure.

After completing the site measure, the required size glass panel with hole will be cut in the workshop and processed by the toughening furnace to be transformed into Category A Toughened Safety Glass. Once the now toughened glass panel has completed the toughening process, a suitable time will be arranged for the new panel and pet door to be installed.

The installation process involves the removal of any existing panel and installing the new toughened glass panel. This process is normally scheduled for an onsite time of 30 to 70 minutes, depending on the style of installation. On average, the installation process occurs 2 weeks after the exact site measure.

Payment of the outstanding balance is required at the completion of the installation. Please note that any payments made in cash need to have the exact monies as the installation glaziers do not carry change with them.